The Exchange Switchover can be a very good workflow to use for migrations which involve an Exchange mailbox at the same time as some other archive migration. This article explains how that workflow is activated and used.

The normal routine still needs to take place; the container needs to be mapped, and the Exchange Switchover Policy chosen for the Workflow. Stage 1 will then commence. Stage 1 will continue, normally, until 100% of the data has been exported and imported into the target.
The ‘switchover’, ie the beginning of stage 2, and then all of the stage 2 commands, begins when the AD Synchronization module detects a change in the msExchHomeServerName attribute of the user owning the source container. If the new value for that attribute is already configured as a valid link, and has appropriate modules enabled, the container will move from stage 1, to stage 2.
In other words, the Exchange Switchover Policy is for switching Exchange infrastructure as well. (i.e. Forest -> Forest migration, 2007 -> 2013 migration, and so on), this always has a “new server” involved

  • This works only for EV to EV migrations
  • The “target exchange server” has to be associated with the EV Server where the target archive is hosted on (you can find it in ‘EVComputerToExchangeServer’ table and it’s synced from EV)
  • It does not work if only the Exchange database is changed (it has to be a server change)
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