If Archive Shuttle is used for Journal Commander Leavers in version 9.3 or earlier, and the environment needs to be upgraded to a later version of Archive Shuttle, then the “Archive Shuttle Leaver Resolver” Utility needs to be run. This article gives some additional background, and instructions on using the utility.


Journal Commander migrations can be created in Archive Shuttle, and of course, that might involve configuration related to what to do with people who have left the organization. These are called Leavers.  The way that these are handled in Archive Shuttle 9.4, and later, differs from how they were handled in Archive Shuttle 9.3 and earlier. So if an environment is upgraded from Archive Shuttle 9.3, to Archive Shuttle 9.5 (for example), then this utility needs to be used in order for the leavers to continue to be processed.
Note: If the utility is not run, then the leavers which were previously enabled will no longer be processed. (leavers who were not enabled, will be processed, even after upgrade)


The utility should be run on a 64-bit Operating System where the Office 365 module is already installed, and configured with credentials.


The utility loads a list of Journal Commander Leaver mappings that have the ‘Ready for Import’ column in the database set to -1. All of these leavers need to be resolved by this utility, so that import can begin.
When the application is launched, you will see a screen like this:

Click on ‘Load’ to obtain a list of users from the Core. The utility will load a list of users for a particular Journal Explosion link which is associated with the Office 365 module on this machine. In other words if there are multiple Journal Explosion links, and multiple Office 365 modules, the utility may need to be run from multiple locations.
Once the list is loaded, the status will change to ‘Synced’ and the screen will contain a list of users.
The grid on the screen allows for sorting, grouping and searching, if required.
When the ‘Resolve’ button is clicked the following process happens:

  1. The associated mailbox will be converted to a shared mailbox, and the mailbox will have retention hold applied.
  2. The license will be removed from the shared mailbox.
  3. The Mailbox Quota will be reduced from 100 GB to 50 GB.
  4. Any Legal Hold applied to the shared mailbox will be removed.

A particular mapping or mapping can be processed at a time, and the screen will look like this:

If the utility is successful, the status will change to look like this:

In the Archive Shuttle user interface, the leaver mapping will be changed so it has the status ‘Ready’, as shown:

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