As part of the Stage 2 workflow for a migration, it might be desirable to remove Enterprise Vault settings from a mailbox. This can be achieved with the commands:
– DeleteEVConfiguration
– Office365DeleteEVConfiguration
This article explains in detail what the hidden message is/contains, what other hidden messages Enterprise Vault may add to a mailbox, and it explains what the DeleteEVConfiguration-type command does.
There are a few different types of hidden message that Enterprise Vault might add to a mailbox. The main two are:
– General / overall settings
This is a hidden message in the Inbox of a mailbox.
Here is an example:

In that hidden message, which is viewable with Outlook Spy, MFCMAPI, MDBVU32 and similar, there is an attachment which contains setting information. The Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in reads that to determine the look-and-feel that should be applied to the Outlook experience, as well as the archiving experience on the client.
– Folder level settings
Some folders in the mailbox may also contain a folder specific hidden message which has a slightly different name. In the example screenshot below it shows a folder which was created using EVPM and it has specific retention policies applied to it:

When Archive Shuttle executes the DeleteEVConfiguration command it will remove the hidden message in the Inbox. Effectively this removes any of the Outlook experience provided by the EV Outlook Addin (though there might still be activity relating to Virtual Vault and Vault Cache). Other hidden messages are not touched as they do not impact the archiving / Outlook / Enterprise Vault experience.  There is additional information on commands which impact the user experience in this article.
If TRACE level logging is used on the Shortcut Processing module, the following may be seen:

13:46:36Z|3536| 22|TRACE|
SearchCollectionResult|[testvv@rowiev.local][\Inbox] processing [1]
items   2016-11-16 13:46:36Z|3536|
ProcessSearchResult|[testvv@rowiev.local][\Inbox] Adding item ItemId
for Delete all, item tag [] folder    2016-11-16
13:46:37Z|3536| 30| INFO|
ProcessSearch|Finished command [DeleteEVConfiguration],
mailbox:[testvv@rowiev.local] type:[Primary], processed item count:[1],
processing time[7s], message:[Successful]   Finally, if the folders are reviewed again for hidden messages it can be seen which have been removed:

The EV Outlook Add-in toolbar before the command executed looked like this:

After Outlook was restarted (because the hidden message is only checked by Enterprise Vault at startup) the toolbar is gone: (As stated before there may be situations where commands are left and the toolbar is visible, depending on the desktop policy deployed via Enterprise Vault)

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