The Managed Migrations team will send you a weekly migration status report, which looks like the one below. This article explains some of the key parts of that report.

The information below relates to your PST migration to Office365.
The migration is progressing well.
Your migration is on 99.1 % completed.
Enabled users:                          12582
Enabled users with PST Files: 12187
Completed users:                     12077
Overall Progress Statistic for Last Week

Report Statistics
Too many error by accessing SharedNetwork drive – please check access rights for admin account

  1. File -55465 for User35 needs your attention
  2. Many files in “Ingest Blocked” – please resolve ownership for those files
  3. Please check archive mailbox for users as the ingest to Archive reports errors for users: User51, User43




Shows how many users with pst file have been enabled and how many from that count have been completed. Also shows all the user that migration priority is higher then zero.

Overall Progress statistic

Bar chart shows the number of files discovered and how many of discovered files are completed (green) and remaining (blue).

Report Statistics

More detailed information about the ongoing migration. This screenshot shows multiple information related to the pst files in numbers and sizes.


The last section contains some information about issues encountered during the last week that could affect the whole migration.


Actions that need to be done by customer team.

In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Manage Operations Team

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