This article describes the PowerShell variables/token that can be used with the Stage 2 workflow command to execute a PowerShell script in Archive Shuttle
More Info:

Name Description
{UserSID} User Security identifier
{Email} Email address of the user
{LegacyExchangeDN} Legacy Exchange DN of the mailbox
{UPN} User principal name
{sAMAccountName} sAMAccountName of the user
{PrimarySMTPAddress} Primary SMTP Address of the user
{Identity} Identity (eg alias/name) of the user
{UserDisplayName} Display name / user name
{UserFirstName} User’s first name
{UserLastName} User’s last name
{ContainerMappingId} Container Mapping Id in Archive Shuttle
{SourceContainerId} Source Container Id for created/or future mapping
{TargetContainerId} Target Container Id for created/or future mapping
{EVArchiveId} User’s Archive Id in Enterprise Vault
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