This article describes how to troubleshoot the Archive Shuttle Stage 2 command DisableOrphanedArchive issues:

About DisableOrphanedArchive command:

1. What does the DisableOrphanedArchive command do?
This command will mark an archive as closed (ArchiveStatus set to 3 in ArchiveView), and will change the MbxArchivingState to 2 in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table, in the Enterprise Vault Directory Database.
In the Enterprise Vault Admin Console, the archive will look like this:

2. Which module runs the command?
This command runs on the EV Provisioning Module associated with the source link.
3. Can the EV Archiving task still archive to an archive which is closed?
No. The Enterprise Vault Archiving Report will show this:

4. Does the command take a long time to run?
No. The command performs two SQL statements against the Enterprise Vault Directory Database so is very quick to run.


No issues were observed by us. Once an issues will be observed it will be added here.

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