When migrating a journal archive, using the Archive Shuttle folder splitting feature is recommended since many target environments have limits on the number of items that can be in a single folder.


These settings can be found on the Configuration > General System Settings page.
The settings are:

  • Journal Split Base Folder Name: This is the name of the top-level folder that will be split when items are ingested into the target environment.
  • Journal Split Threshold: This is the number of items that should be placed in each folder before a new folder is created.


The settings above can be applied only for Enterprise Vault and SourceOne sources.
Other sources (like EAS, DAM/QAM, and PST) are not supported. This is because they are unable to recognize the journal archive as a specialized container and are treated like a normal archive. For EAS, DAM/QAM, and PST sources, the large folder setting named Split threshold large folders (except journal / folderless) can be applied on their journal archive.

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