For quite some time there has been a limit imposed by Microsoft on the size of individual items that can be ingested into Office 365 by third parties. This limit was 25 Mb. The limits for native applications has been increased, and now, the limits for third parties has also been increased. This article explains how to take advantage of this increase.
The default limit on a new Office 365 tenant is still 25 Mb, but this can be increased per user, or across the board for all users.
To increase the limit for an individual user:
In the Office 365 Admin Center, locate the user and change the max send and max receive sizes:

To increase the size for multiple users:
To edit size for multiple users. Shift + Click to select multiple recipients, then click the Update… link on the right side to modify those user’s message size restrictions

To increase the limit across the board:
Go to Recipients, Mailboxes, Click … and choose Set default message size restrictions

To increase the limits via PowerShell:
Limits can also be changed by PowerShell as follows:
For a single user:
Set-Mailbox -identity user@somedomain.com -MaxSendSize 75Mb -MaxReceiveSize 75Mb
For multiple mailboxes:
{"alias","alias2","alias3") | % {Set-Mailbox -identity $_ -MaxSendSize 75Mb -MaxReceiveSize 75Mb}
For all mailboxes:
Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -MaxSendSize 75Mb -MaxReceiveSize 75Mb
To change the default:
Get-MailboxPlan | Set-MailboxPlan -MaxSendSize 75Mb -MaxReceiveSize 75Mb
Note: We have seen items more than 120 Mb ingest successfully after making these changes.

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