This article gives a description relating to special folders which are not part of Archive Shuttle search and shortcut processing command execution.
Shortcut processing commands like Fix Shortcuts (FixShortcuts) and Delete Shortcuts (DeleteShortcuts, Office365DeleteShortcuts) are not performed on:
– Failed items
– Items stored in special folders.
Shortcuts are searched only in folders which are part of “Top of information store” (TOIS) tree, all other folders are excluded from search and shortcut processing. For example, if a mailbox is placed on legal hold, and a ‘Recoverable Items’ folder exists, this is outside of the ‘Top of Information Store’ and is not included for processing.
Folders within TOIS tree can be identified by using the EWS editor tool or MFCMAPI.
1. In EWS editor all folders in “Top of information store” are processed. Folder “Recoverable Items” is not part of that folder so no processing takes place there.
2. In MFCMAPI processing only folders visible in “IPM_SUBTREE”. Folder “Recoverable Items” is not part of that tree.

There is a way how to check whether shortcut processing commands were executed on all items which were found.
To check this, go to shortcut processing module logs set on TRACE:

2017-08-11 20:49:25Z|2325| 19|TRACE| SearchCollectionResult|[][\Inbox] processing [5777] items 
2017-08-11 20:49:25Z|2325| 19|TRACE| ProcessSearchResult|Procesing search only (no processing) for [] 
2017-08-11 20:49:25Z|2325| 19| INFO| ProcessSearchResult|Transmitting [5777] shortcut results to Core and waiting for answer

and a short time later

2017-08-11 20:49:37Z|2325| 19| INFO| ProcessSearchResult|Got answer from Core. We need to process [5775] items out of [5777]

Shortcut processing module is asking Core for permission to process 5777 shortcuts, found in the specific folder. The core will check if processing is allowed, and send back an approved list. In this case, 2 items were excluded from the list.  The reason why 2 are missing is that 2 items failed on import (checking SaveSetID of failed items).

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