The ingest account needs to meet certain criteria so PST Flight Deck can migrate PST files into the target.


Each service account responsible for ingestion needs to have the Application Impersonation rights. The process for granting the permissions is described here.

The service account doesn’t need an Office 365 license assigned to be able to ingest the data. 

For the service account, there are minimum permissions required for migration to Office 365. In some organizations using a User with Global Admin rights is not desirable. Therefore you can find details about necessary requirements here

Setting up the Credentials Editor

The ingestion account’s credentials must be added into the Credentials Editor, due to the migration process. You can find steps for adding or changing the credentials in the editor here

Synchronizing Office 365 license details

PST Flight Deck is able to gather information about Users from Office 365. 

It is possible to retrieve information about user licenses, archive availability, storage quota, etc. 

This information is retrieved through the first ingestion account present in the Credentials Editor. This account must have Global Admin rights or has customized admin permissions mentioned in the link above.  When multiple service accounts are present in the editor, data are retrieved through the first account. 


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