PST Flight Deck (FD) includes an agent with a powerful scanning engine to detect user PST files wherever a user places them. Although PST files are typically used for an individual to store personal data, some applications also create PST files or have files with the same extension that are for use in another application. The following article is written and updated to provide a recommendation of folder excludes to use during a migration so that undesired PST file identification can be kept to a minimum.
Windows Migration Agent
There are two different levels of “Folder Excludes” that can be configured. All Excludes are set under the “General” tab of the “Migration Agent” settings in the FD Admin Console. “Global” excludes are configured on the “General” tab, and path specific excludes are configured by editing the “Scan Location” selected as shown below:

Setting both “Global” and “Scan Location” excludes to the same values is redundant and not recommended. If you wish all scanned locations to use the same set of excludes, please configure only the “Global” excludes.
Presently, here are excludes used in most PST migration projects:
*Internet Calendar*
Check to ensure no trailing spaces are added when pasting the excludes. Once added, save the settings and the excludes will be pushed to your clients during its next polling of the core.
macOS Migration Agent
Flight Deck also supports PST migration from macOS clients. There are differences between Windows and macOS Migration Agents, therefore additional settings are available for macOS Migration Agent.

By default this paths are excluded from scan:
*/Applications/Final Cut
Additional paths to block for macOS if needed, not included by default at this time, include:
*/Applications/Logic Pro
Standard wildcards can be used:
* – any number of any character
~ – home folder of the current user
? – single character
PST Flight Deck since version 5.2 supports migration from macOS.
For macOS Migration Agents, a special license must be acquired.

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