Sometimes it might be necessary to verify all of the workflow steps which have taken place in Stage 2 for all container mappings. This article explains how that can be done.
The following query can be run on the Archive Shuttle Directory Database to obtain the information:
select wp.WorkflowPolicyName, wseg.WorkflowPolicyId, ws.ContainerMappingId, wseg.SequenceOrder, c.Name, c.CommandId,tes.Name
from WorkflowStatus ws
LEFT JOIN WorkflowSequence wseg ON ws.WorkflowSequenceId = wseg.WorkflowSequenceId
LEFT JOIN Command c ON wseg.CommandId = c.CommandId
LEFT JOIN WorkflowPolicy wp on wseg.WorkflowPolicyId = wp.WorkflowPolicyId
LEFT JOINTaskExecutionStatus tes on ws.TaskExecutionStatusId = tes.TaskExecutionStatusId
ORDER BY wseg.WorkflowPolicyId, ws.ContainerMappingId,wseg.SequenceOrder asc

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