PST Flight Deck (Flight Deck) provides the ability to set a threshold of failures that will not stop the processing and will permit a PST file to complete as if entirely successful. This “acceptable” level of failures is critical to determine in order to better manage an organization’s migration.
To make customers more comfortable with setting a reasonable number and percentage of ingestion failures, PST Flight Deck introduced a feature called Failback. Failback is designed to be able to ingest items into the desired target that would originally fail during ingestion into that target. As the original content is still being delivered to the customer’s target, Failback enables Operators to set a greater ingestion failure threshold with comfort and without concerns of valued data not being delivered to their users.


PST Flight Deck has the ability to set an ingestion threshold. This value permits an operator or administrator the ability to configure an “Acceptable level of failure” with the intention of not reviewing files with a low level of failures too closely. This permits an operator to focus on issues of greater scope. Failed items have always been available on the PST Flight Deck server responsible for processing, but there was no good way to deliver this data to the user the data is associated with.
If the configured threshold is breached, the file’s status turns to a “partially ingested” and the file sits until the review, and some level of remediation is performed.
PST Flight Deck now offers the possibility to deliver failed items to their respective users. This is accomplished via the Failback feature. This feature is designed to be able to ingest items into the desired target that would originally fail during ingestion into that target. This would permit an Operator to focus on data not available to the users and to raise the failed item threshold to a highly manageable level of failures to investigate.
An Operator may set the number of items or percentage of items as a limit for an acceptable failure rate from each PST file. If I file has a failure rate greater than that configured, the status of that file will be changed to a Partially Ingested status.

If the configured threshold is not reached, failed items will be ingested by the Failback mechanism. This feature creates a new message with the configured Failback Subject and Failback Body. The original message is zipped and added as an attachment to the newly created message. The resultant message is then sent for ingestion into the target.

There are two ways, a PST file can get its status changed to Partially Ingested:

1) There are items that failed ingestion but the number of Ingestion Failed items is bellow the configured Ingestion threshold -> Failback is performed but fails to successfully ingest the new message. If Failback fails ingestion of any message, the status of the PST file is set to Partially Ingested.

2) If the number of items that failed ingestion is above the configured Ingestion threshold No Failback is performed and PST is set to Partially Ingested status immediately.


There are a couple of reasons presently identified why a Failback message can’t be ingested.
It there is a need to troubleshoot Ingestion with Failback, please read this KB article:
For more details regarding possible filters, Failback, or other features within the product, please review the PST FlightDeck Administrator Guide

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