In order for Nova to collect data from an Office 365 tenant consent has to be given to the application. Without this consent it is simply not possible to collect data. When Delegation & Policy Control is deployed several jobs are created and executed in order to gather data. These are jobs surrounding tenant metadata, users, groups, mailboxes, secure score and so on.
If consent has not been given to us, and this deployment takes place, these jobs all end in an error state, and gives a poor experience to customers.
We’ve made improvements in this area, as we’ll explain below.


When Delegation & Policy Control is deployed a single job is configured. This job is called Get Tenant Organization.
If this job errors, no other jobs are added to the work-list. If consent has not been granted the likely error is:

The identity of the calling application could not be established.

If the job does fail, it will be retried every 30 minutes. Once consent is granted, the job should succeed, and additional jobs to perform that initial metadata collection will be queued for execution.

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