When migrating an archive, using the Archive Shuttle folder splitting feature is recommended since many target environments have limits on the number of items that can be in a single folder.


The folder split settings below can be found on the Configuration > General System Settings page in Archive Shuttle.
1. Settings for folder-less items

  • Folder name for folder-less items: Enter the name that’ll be used for items that don’t have a folder. If items are stored without any folder information they’ll be moved to this folder. If the specified folder does not exist it’s be created.
  • Split threshold for folderless items: If specified, this indicates the maximum number of items in the folderless folder before a new folder is created.

2. Setting for large folders (except journal/folderless)

  • Split threshold large folders (except journal/folderless): If specified, this indicates the maximum number of items in each folder before a new folder is created. It specifies how many items are allowed in any folder (except journal archive and “folderless” folders). On reaching the threshold, a new folder with the same name and a consecutive number is appended.

3. Settings for Journal Archive

  • Journal Split Base Folder Name: Specifies the first part of the folder name that is used to stored data migrated from a journal archive.
  • Journal Split Threshold: If specified, it indicates the maximum number of items in each of the journal folders before a new folder is created.
    More info about Journal Archive Folder Split Settings can be found in the linked KB article.

Note: Consider using “Inbox” as folder name for folder-less items. If you use this folder name, then all the folder-less items will be ingested into Inbox, Inbox_1, Inbox_2, etc. However, folder-less folders are excluded from large folders splitting, because you can use different threshold for folder-less items. So, if you want to split the “Inbox” folder is large and you want to split it with the Split threshold large folders (except journal/folderless) setting, it’ll be skipped if you use “Inbox” as Folder name for folder-less items.
An example of this type of configuration is shown below.

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