If you want to add/change credentials for Office 365 ingest account you must be logged in as the local service account under which the Services (particularly Office 365 module) runs.
The Office 365 ingest account requires “Application Impersonation” permission.
Please use the Archive Shuttle Credentials Editor for adding/changing of the credentials for Office 365 ingest account.

The tool is called ArchiveShuttle.Module.CredentialsEditor.exe and by default located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\QUADROtech\Archive Shuttle Modules\CredentialsEditor\
Then, follow these steps:

  1. Run the tool, click Add and specify the valid UPN account and the valid password. Then, click OK and save the credentials. 
  2. Restart the module.
  3. Verify connectivity using the Test connection button.

By default, Archive Shuttle migrates data into 5 mailboxes at the same time. Therefore, five service accounts are recommended per O365 module. More service accounts can be used if you have more than one O365 module. One service account should have Global Administrator rights and the other 4 accounts should have Application Impersonation rights.
Note: The Global Administrators has to be able to authenticate using basic authentication.
Note: When ingest accounts are not visible in the Health page you have to restart O365 module service first and then Core service to have accounts from credential editor loaded to that page.

Note: Service accounts must be unique and cannot repeat across additional module instances

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