The Inactive Mail Recipients report shows you a list of Exchange Online recipients that that have not sent or received a message over a given date period. This includes Distribution Groups, Contacts, Users and anything else that has an email address associated with it.
You can filter for different recipient types (or a combination of types), and whether they have sent or received a message since during a specific time period.
The report will then show you a list of the recipients and the date they last sent or received an email.

The different options for the variable date are “Since Yesterday”, “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, “This Month” and “Last Month” or you can specify a specific date.


As we collect data every day for the previous 24 hours, the “Last Message Sent” and “Last Message Received” fields will only be populated from the time that you have been a Radar for Office 365 customer. For example, if you started using the reporting application five days ago, a recipient who last sent a message six days ago would have an empty “Last Message Sent” field, and will come up as inactive in the “Last 7 Days” filter. As more time passes since your account creation, these fields will become more accurate and useful in finding inactive recipients.
This report can be customized, filtered, emailed and scheduled like all our other reports.

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