In Archive Shuttle it is possible to create a group using a CSV file, or manually from the User Dashboard, and that group may contain some users where there is no Enterprise Vault archive. If a group contains just a small number of users, verifying who is ‘missing’ from the Bulk Mapping screen is easy to do. However, if the group is large, it becomes difficult to determine who doesn’t have an Enterprise Vault archive and you are left with a unknown / discrepancy.
For example if a group contains 80 users, but the Bulk Mapping page shows only 73 containers, how do you know which the missing 7 are?
This query can be run against the Archive Shuttle Directory database to determine users in a specific group who do not have an Enterprise Vault archive:

SELECT        dbo.UserGroup.Name AS [Group], dbo.[User].FullName AS Name, dbo.[User].UserSid, dbo.EVArchive.Name AS Archive, dbo.EVArchive.ContainerId
FROM          dbo.UserGroup INNER JOIN
              dbo.UserToUserGroup ON dbo.UserGroup.UserGroupId = dbo.UserToUserGroup.UserGroupId LEFT OUTER JOIN
              dbo.[User] ON dbo.UserToUserGroup.UserSid = dbo.[User].UserSid LEFT OUTER JOIN
              dbo.EVArchive ON dbo.[User].UserSid = dbo.EVArchive.OwnerUserSid
WHERE dbo.UserGroup.Name='xyz'

The UserGroup.Name property can be adjusted to be the group of your choice.

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