PST file might be corrupted but there is no validation process in Archive Shuttle.
Use scanpst.exe utility to confirm PST file(s) which will be used in ingestion process are not corrupted.
Corrupted PST may cause issues later when a user tries to access email messages after ingestion.

Step 1 – Open scanpst.exe
This utility is a part of Outlook installation and usually can be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Scanpst.exe
Step 2 – Repair corrupted PST
This PST sometimes can be opened in Outlook so there is no warning that PST is corrupted as Outlook parser is able to repair some kind of not specified errors automatically. To attempt to repair the PST, use the button “Repair” in scanpst.exe or reexport to new PST directly in Outlook.

Step 3 – Scan newly created/repaired PST
If the scan reports that the PST is valid, it can be used for ingestion.

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