From time to time it might be necessary to update the EVnearSync license file (for example if the license expires). This article explains how to replace and update the license file.
NOTE: Should an updated license file be required, please contact your Quadrotech partner or representative to acquire the updated file. If you do not have a proper contact, please contact to begin discussions on how to acquire an updated license key.
The EVnearSync Agent Service may be unable to start. You may see the error status (orange) on the System Status Page in EVnearSync Administrator Interface:

If you click on the title, you are taken to the EVnearSync Service management screen and can see the service which is down:
Following may be seen in the EVnearSync Agent Service log file:

[2015.06.05 14:46:51:317][10580][1] [INFO][IntitializeWith] Initializing IoC... 
[2015.06.05 14:46:51:426][10580][1] [DEBUG][.ctor] Service created. 
[2015.06.05 14:46:51:473][10580][6] 
[ERROR][IsLicenseValid] License is expired! 
[2015.06.05 14:46:51:473][10580][6] [INFO][OnStop] Service stopped.

In addition to that, there is also an error logged in the Windows Event Viewer (QUADROtech node):

To replace/update the license file, perform the following steps:
1. Obtain a new license.lic file from Quadrotech and copy it to a temporary location on the server where EVnearSync Agent Service is running (usually an Enterprise Vault Server)
2. Copy the file to C:\Program Files\QUADROtech\EVnearSync (or an alternate location, if EVnearSync was installed on a different path or drive)
3. When prompted to overwrite the existing license.lic file say ‘Yes’.
4. Start the EVnearSync Agent Service.
5. Verify the new license has taken affect by going to the EVnearSync Agent Service log file. You should not get any error messages about the license being expired. It may now look like this:

[2015.06.05 14:55:47:623] [12384] [1] [INFO] [IntitializeWith]  Initializing IoC... 
[2015.06.05 14:55:47:764] [12384] [1] [DEBUG] [.ctor]  Service created. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task processor initializing ... 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task NearSyncTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task ReprocessItemsTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task DirectorySyncTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task ConsistencyCheckTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task FailbackConsistencyTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [.ctor]  Task DelayedDeletionTask added to list. 
[2015.06.05 14:55:52:812] [12384] [6] [INFO] [OnStart]  Service started.

6. When the service is successfully started the status on the System Status Page will be turned back to green (running) or blue (idle).

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