Central Upload can be a huge benefit for many migrations. Central Upload (CU) requires specific settings in the PST Flight Deck Admin Console (FD Console) and installation of a Central Upload Agent (CUA).
Installation of the Central Upload Agent is well described in the Deployment Guide for PST Flight Deck and therefore is not listed here.
CUA is installed prior to the start setup of the Central Upload on FD Console.
Settings on the FD Console are listed in steps with examples.
1) Enable Central Upload
In Settings>Environment>tab Advanced>section Migration Agent Behavior mark field Enable Central Upload and hit Save.

2) Restart FD Console
Exit and Restart FD Console to get access to settings related to CU Settings.
3) Add Central Upload Agent
In Settings>Module > Click button “Add Server” in ribbon Central Upload Agent Settings.
For each location, you can define which CUA should migrate PST files and what type of action CUA will perform.
Recommended is Central and Forced Upload Agent which allows to do Central upload and Forced upload as well.

4) Set Computer as Central Server
In Settings>Computers mark computers/servers where PST files reside as Central Server by hitting button Set in ribbon section Central Servers.
You can define as many servers as you like in this step. When the file will be discovered on this computer/server. FD will favor upload via CUA over client MA.

5) Optional setup of Transparent Central Upload and scheduling for TCU operations
To prevent data loss and keep the integrity of PST, standard Central Upload sets the PST file as ReadOnly.
This effectively prohibits mounting it to Outlook as Outlook needs Read/Write access to the PST file. ReadOnly attribute on PST is set before migration and stays even after migration.
Transparent Central Upload exists to ease from this strict rule. It will allow usage of PSTs during migration, so PSTs can stay attached in Outlook. To maintain data integrity and prevent data loss, at least one user using the PST file must have set registry PSTDisableGrow to 1 on his/her machine.

In case TCU is used, PST files are not attached to Outlook after migration. Should such need arise, it must be done manually.
For troubleshooting of CUA please check:

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