Normally, the Enterprise Vault modules for an Archive Shuttle migration are installed on appropriate Enterprise Vault servers. In some situations, this might not be desirable or possible. For example, there are often problems with Windows 2003 and Internet Explorer 8, or Internet Explorer 8 being unable to communicate with Archive Shuttle Cloud. This article explains how an Enterprise Vault Bridgehead Server can be set up.
An Enterprise Vault Bridgehead Server can be installed on a supported Microsoft Operating System, that supports the version of Enterprise Vault. For example, a Windows 2008 R2 server can be used to migrate data from Enterprise Vault 8.
Required components, on top of those needed to get through the Enterprise Vault installation, are:

  • Install an EV-supported version of Outlook, including appropriate hotfixes.
  • Install the FULL Enterprise Vault installation, but do not run the configuration.

This second step is critical. Installing the EV API runtime will be sufficient for EV Collection, and EV Export, but, when Stage 2 commands run, involving EVPM, they will fail. This failure is described in this article.
Compatibility Charts for Enterprise Vault
Compatibility Charts for older versions of Enterprise Vault

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