PST Flight Deck Monitoring tool allows sending email notification about alerts to multiple users.
1. Go to PST Flight Deck Admin console > Settings > Environment > Advanced
2. In the “Mail” section select “Enable Mailing” and set the SMTP Server, Port Number and Sender

3. Open PST Flight Deck Monitoring Tool
4. Select¬†“Send Email” in Monitoring Tool > Settings > Services

5. Save changes
6. Go to Settings > Emails
7. Add the email addresses of the users you want to receive alerts notifications.
(to remove the user from the list simple Right Click on the user and select “Delete”)

8. Save changes
NOTE: If the User is in AD, you can populate also the “User Entry Id” column (it is not a mandatory field). Based on this User entry id it will create an entry in the PST Flight Deck database every time an alert from the Monitoring tool is emailed to that user.
Email information
The subject matches the title of the Alert.

  1. If the email notification contains only 1 Alert, it will put the exact description of that alert into the subject directly.
  2. If the email notification contains multiple Alerts, it will put a description into the subject as New alert – Number of alerts: 2

Email notification for the persisting alert is sent only once.
Notification email example:

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