In some customer environments, it may be required to inform the user when the switch over to the target environment is performed. This article explains how this can be accomplished, by using Enterprise Vault
Enterprise Vault allows the sending of a message to a user when they are enabled for archiving, or when they are disabled from archiving.  Archive Shuttle can utilize this feature so that when the stage 2 workflow runs for a user and the command to DisableMailbox (or EnableMailbox) is executed, Enterprise Vault will send out the desired message to the affected user.
The high-level steps to achieve this are as follows:
a/ Locate the appropriate language version of the EnableMailboxMessage.msg, and DisableMailboxMessage.msg. (These are normally in the Enterprise Vault program files folder, under ‘Languages’, then ‘Mailbox Messages’ and then a two-letter language name)
b/ Customize them if required.
c/ Copy them to the main Enterprise Vault installation folder (e.g. c:\program files (x86)\Enterprise Vault)
d/ Ensure that the Vault Service account has sent on behalf rights to the EV System Mailboxes for each Exchange server.
To test this create a new Outlook profile on the EV Server which will open one (or each) of the System Mailboxes, and try to send a user an email. If it works, the permissions are correct. If not, the send on behalf of rights are not correct.  The following article can be used to assist in granting the correct rights.
After the steps above are applied when the Stage 2 command runs, the user will receive an email notification.

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