Sometimes files need to be Re-ingested after they were migrated and deleted, or some items may not be migrated successfully.
PST Flight Deck version 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 support this functionality.

PST Flight Deck allows you to Re-ingest pst files or failed items from two locations:
 – Backup directory (the whole pst file can be re-ingested if it wasn’t delete from the directory)
 – CleanUp directory (items that were not extracted or ingested can be set for re-ingest from this location)
*Re-Ingest location is by default configured for the Clean-Up directory to reprocess items which have failed, and it can be changed only in the Admin Console!!!
To set up a file for re-ingestion follow these steps:

1. Launch a PST Flight Deck console > Settings > Locations > Edit
2. Set up “Re-Ingest Location” to Backup or CleanUp, if not set yet.

3. Go to Manage > Files
4. Mark the file that needs to be re-ingested by selecting Action > Mark file for Re-ingest.

5. File will be re-ingested as soon as the “Re-ingest” scheduled task runs.
6. The scheduled task can also be run manually if needed. To do so, go to Settings > Scheduled Tasks > Re-ingest and click on “Run Now” button on ribbon.
 *Step #6 can be performed only in the Admin console!

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