It might be necessary to re-export and re-create a particular subcontainer during the extract of a particular archive spread over multiple resultant PST files with the Native Format Import Module.
For example if the PST files are being sent off site, and when checked, the PST file is discovered to be corrupt at the destination.
The following query can be used to look at the item counts per subcontainer:

SELECT [MailNativeSubContainerId], COUNT(ir.itemid) as 'num items'
FROM [ArchiveShuttleItem_30f74077-6f26-48fa-a776-90201df18e34].[dbo].[ItemRouting] ir 
LEFT JOIN [ArchiveShuttleItem_30f74077-6f26-48fa-a776-90201df18e34].[dbo].[ItemRoutingNativeMailSubContainer] sc
ON ir.ItemRoutingId = sc.ItemRoutingId
WHERE ContainerMappingId=27 and IsImported=1 
group by [MailNativeSubContainerId]

It is necessary to change the Container Mapping, and the Item Database name.
Once the particular subcontainer has been identified, the following can be performed:

-- On the ArchiveShuttleDirectory Database
update MailNativeSubContainer set IsClosed = 0, IsRenamed = 0, RenameCommandSentUtc = null  where MailNativeSubContainerId=28
-- On the particular Item Database
UPDATE ItemRouting SET ExportStartedDateUtc = null, ExportedDateUtc = null, ImportStartedDateUtc = NULL, ImportedDateUtc = NULL
WHERE ItemRoutingId IN (SELECT ItemRoutingId FROM ItemRoutingNativeMailSubContainer WHERE MailNativeSubContainerId = 28)

A few minutes later you should see the items get reexported to the staging area, and then a new PST will be created
If the Stage 2 is finished for such subcontainer, it will be necessary to do Reset the Workflow Policy as the NativeImportClose and NativeImpotRename commands were executed on the subcontainers.
To do Reset, go to the Stage 2 screen, select mapping for which want to do the reset, then click on Change & Reset Policy and choose the same workflow as you used and click on change.
It will reset all commands and start them again and the NativeImportClose and NativeImpotRename commands will be executed for the re-exported subcontainer.

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