PST Flight Deck has a very robust algorithm for deciding PST ownership.  Using eight configurable parameters, it calculates an ownership probability that is used to assign ownership. The default threshold is 90% – if the ownership algorithm meets or exceeds this threshold, firm ownership is determined.  Despite its power, however, there are times where ownership cannot be determined by the ownership algorithm and file will not meet “ownership threshold” so human intervention is needed. Taking the steps below will assign explicit ownership to a file and allow continue processing without blocking.


There are two options for overriding the ownership of the files. Both these attributes have a weight of 90% and cause the confidence rating to reach the threshold.

  1. Accept Suggested User – by pressing this button the user shown in the “Suggested User” column will be set as owner of the file.
  2. Set Owner – popup window will come up with a list of users that the file was discovered by.



After selecting “Accept Suggested User” or setting owner, the name of the owner will appear in the “Operator Override” column.

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