Some mappings¬†may show the status “Not Started” on Stage 1 screen.
There is an existing move request in the source environment that is downloaded by Mailbox Shuttle and stored in the database.


To resolve this issue a move request that was created outside of Mailbox Shuttle has to be deleted.

  1. Find the name of the default Exchange server (Configuration/Environments screen):
  2. Run following query against the Mailbox Shuttle database to get the Exchange database Guid
    SELECT Guid FROM ExchangeDatabase
    INNER JOIN Mailbox ON ExchangeDatabase.Id=Mailbox.ExchangeDatabaseId
    INNER JOIN Mapping ON Mailbox.Id=Mapping.MailboxId
    WHERE Mapping.Id=XYZ
  3. Run the following cmdlet from the default Exchange server (Step 1) using the same credentials as Mailbox Shuttle does. A move request that exists in the source environment and has to be deleted should be displayed.
    Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue [DatabaseGuid_Step 2]

Once there is no existing move request, Mailbox Shuttle starts migration.

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