Note: This solution works for PST Flight Deck version 6.2 and higher.

From PST Flight Deck version 6.2 the default timeout for the Repair module is set to 240 minutes. Some larger files might require more than 240 minutes.
You can find the failed repair module with the following exception:

WorkerId:[] QUADROtech.FlightDeck.PostProcess.UnresponsibleProcessTerminatedException: Worker process [] was terminated, because it didn’t update its status for [10] minute(s).


Increase the Repair module timeout by another 240 minutes.

Execute the following query in the SQL database, which increases the Repair timeout to 480 minutes:

USE [PSTFlightdeckDirectory]
INSERT INTO [dbo].[ModuleSettingEntry]

The only value that can be different is [LocationEntryId]. This can be checked by executing this second query:

USE PSTFlightdeckDirectory
SELECT * FROM [PSTFlightdeckDirectory].[dbo].[ModuleSettingEntry] WHERE ModuleTypeEntryId=21

Solution 2

If it’s necessary to increase the Repair Timeout even further, use the query below to increase the timeout to 600 minutes.
UPDATE ModuleSettingEntry SET SettingValueString='600WHERE SettingCode='Worker.AdditionalTimeoutMinutes'
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