PST Flight Deck 5.3 and higher
By default, after installation none of the users can use full functionality of the  PST Flight Deck console. Many functions/buttons are greyed out and cannot be use.
1. Service account under which the  PST Flight Deck is install needs to be set as Console Master.
To do so:

  1. Got to Settings > Environment
  2. Press the “Add Console Root” button
  3. Popup window will appear:

d. Restart the PST Flight Deck console
e. Once the service account is synced, the “Add Console Root” button is no longer visible
2. To grant full access for other users go to:

  1. Settings > Environment > Console Access
  2. Press “Add User” and then select user from the list
  3. Confirm changes
  4. Save
  5. Restart the console

Now every user on the list has full access to the PST Flight Deck admin console.

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