This article explains how to generate a Support Bundle in Archive Shuttle 9.4 and later.
To generate a Support Bundle, perform the following steps:
* Navigate to the ‘Manage & Operations’ area of the Admin Interface
* Click on ‘Support Bundles’, here you can create, edit and delete Support Bundles as well as Generate an existing Bundle and send the Bundle to the Quadrotech FTP server.
* Click on ‘Create’ to start the process of generating a Support Bundle:

* Ensure that each module appropriate to the issue is selected, and that a Case Number or reference of some kind is added in the ‘Case Number’ field at the top of the Support Bundle window.
* By default the Bundle will be Generated, and Uploaded (Sent) to the FTP server, these options can be changed if required.
* Click on ‘Save’.
The Bundle has now been created and after a few moments the list of Bundles should reflect that the Bundle was generated (there will be a date/time given) and uploaded (there will be a date/time given). Any number of Bundles can be created if required.
For ongoing troubleshooting a bundle can be generated any number of times (the date/time will be updated) and uploaded any number of times (the date/time will be updated)
Once a bundle has been generated it can also be optionally downloaded using the ‘Download’ link.
Note: The Archive Shuttle Core / Web Service logs will be included automatically in all bundles.

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