Sometimes it might be necessary to force FileScanner to use a local config file; for example: if there is a need to get TRACE level logging from FileScanner (as the default logging level configured on the PST Flight Deck server is set to WARNING).
The location of the FileScanner config file and its contents have been changed:

  • Before version 4.0 – we kept full FileScanner configuration in the Migration Agent installation directory (default location: “C:\Program Files (x86)QUADROtech\Migration Agent\config.xml” or “C:\Program Files\QUADROtech\Migration Agent\config.xml”).
  • Since version 4.0 – we keep the only connection to the PST Flight Deck Server on this location. The config file has been moved to this default location: “%temp%\QUADROtech\config.xml”

If you want to force FileScanner to use the local configuration, please follow these steps (valid for version 4.0 and higher):

  1. Rename the (connection) config file from “config.xml” to something else, E.G. config.xml.bak (default location: “C:\Program Files (x86)QUADROtech\Migration Agent\config.xml”).
  2. Copy the current config file from “%temp%\QUADROtech\config.xml” to “C:\Program Files (x86)QUADROtech\Migration Agent\config.xml”
  3. Edit the config file (“C:\Program Files (x86)QUADROtech\Migration Agent\config.xml”)
    • Update from <ConfigurationFromWebService>true</ConfigurationFromWebService> to <ConfigurationFromWebService>false</ConfigurationFromWebService>
    • Execute other config changes, I.E. for setting of the log file to TRACE update from <LogLevel>Warn</LogLevel> to <LogLevel>Trace</LogLevel>
  4. Run FileScanner and check the FileScanner log file (default location: “%temp%\QUADROtech\FileScanner-%hostname%.log”)
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