In some environments, even when a proxy server is configured in the Archive Shuttle installer, there are still problems with connectivity. These problems are either between the module and the Core, or the module and a cloud service (e.g. Office 365).
It is possible in some situations to force all traffic through a proxy configuration. The first step is to ensure that Internet Explorer works as expected.
From Internet Explorer configuration we can verify if the Proxy setting are configured. Internet options -> Connections (Tab)-> LAN settings -> Proxy server

To check the proxy setting, issue following command:
netsh winhttp show proxy
Then, issue the following command:
netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

If you are Installing the Archive Shuttle Modules where communication to the Core is via a proxy review KB article for more details.
This will help in situations where:
1. Using a proxy on a bridgehead server
When Powershell tries to connect to Office 365 or Azure, it may not be able to connect. It does not obey the Internet Explorer proxy settings.
2. If a proxy PAC script is used in Internet Explorer
In this case, the installation of Archive Shuttle modules will likely fail.

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