Sometimes it might be necessary to search for an archived (original) item in the Enterprise Vault archive based on some item properties of a migrated item, eg. SaveSet ID.
It is necessary to follow these three steps:

  1. Find the SaveSet ID of a migrated item.
  2. Give permissions on the Enterprise Vault archive you want to search the original item in.
  3. Use Advanced Browser Search to view the original item from the Enterprise Vault archive.

Finding the SaveSet ID of a migrated item

The quickest way to get the SaveSet ID of a migrated item is using MFCMAPI or OutlookSpy Add-in. In this article we will show you how you can get the SaveSet ID using MFCMAPI. If you would like to use OutlookSpy Add-in follow this KB article.
Follow these steps:

  • Download MFCMAPI from this web page. Be careful about the bitness. Bitness of MFCMAPI needs to match the bitness of Outlook installed on the machine where MFCMAPI is going to be deployed.
  • When you have downloaded the right version of MFCMAPI, create a new Outlook profile for the mailbox you want to work with. Then run MFCMAPI, go to Session and select Logon.

  • Choose the correct Outlook profile and click OK.

  • Double-click on the mailbox the migrated item is stored in

  • A new window will open. Expand the folder structure and go to the folder the migrated item is stored in. Then double-click to open that folder.

  • The list of the items stored in this folder opens. Search for your item based on some basic properties, for example Subject. Then double-click on the item to get the item properties.

  • Sort the item properties by the Named prop name column and search for “Saveset ID”. Then double click on that record.

  • A new window with SaveSet ID will open. Copy it, as you will need it in step 3.

Giving permissions on the Enterprise Vault archive you want to search in

Now you need to assign the permissions to the particular Enterprise Vault Archive for the account you will use for searching. Please follow these steps:

  • Open Enterprise Vault Administration Console and go to Site level > Archives > Exchange Mailbox.

  • Search for the particular user mailbox, double-click on it to open archive properties and select the Permissions tab.

  • Select Add and grant the permissions for the account you will use for searching in the archive.

  • Grant the proper permissions and click OK.

Using the Advanced Browser Search to get the original item from the Enterprise Vault archive

This article applies for Enterprise Vault 10 and previous versions. For Enterprise Vault 11 Search, read the following technote.
The “?advanced=3” switch needs to be appended to the WEBAPP URL in order to use the “Advanced Search” feature. The “?advanced=3” switch gives you an option to search for additional fields, eg Other Results Attributes. Now follow these steps:

  • You will get the original item from the Enterprise Vault Archive.

  • Note: There are a lot of other attributes that can be used to perform a search, for example, ADAT for Archived Date. More details can be found in this documentation or in the attachment.
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