Sometimes it is required to export (or move) items which fail to import, as they may still be needed in the future (e.g. items that exceed a predetermined message size limit). The Archive Shuttle ‘Moved Failed Items’ functionality can be used to handle this, as described below.


  1. Set ‘Failed Items Export Path’ on Links screen. The path must be UNC shared folder with the same permission as Staging area folder. It is mandatory to set the ‘Failed Items Export Path’ for TARGET link as import module executes the command.
  2. Select import errors on Failed Items screen and click ‘Move Selected Items’. This option is available for permanently failed items only. The import module executes move command to previously defined folder. 
  3. You may check the status of this operation on Failed Items screen after adding relevant columns to grid.

In case ‘Failed Items Export Path’ was not set for a new target link you wanted to move failed items for, it might be that you will need to re-set ‘ExportFailedItem’ from 1 back to 0 in Archive Shuttle Item database in ‘ItemRouting’ table to move the failed items again.
Following query can be used:

use [ArchiveShuttleItem_xxxx]
update ItemRouting
set ExportFailedItem = 0
where ContainerMappingId = xxxx
and IsImportFailedPermanently = 1
and IsImportFailed = 1
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