Enable the Shared Pst option in Windows Migration agent migration prompt
From the PST Flight Deck version 5.2 and Windows Migration Agent 5.2 is possible to add “Shared Pst” option in Migration agent popup window.

1. Go to Admin Console -> Settings -> Windows Migration Agent -> Language
2. Press “Edit Xml”
3. Add “<Text ID=”ItemFileListSharedText” Lang=”en”>Shared Pst</Text>” to config under last <Text ID=”ItemFileList*”>.
4. Save config and settings.
Now when the user gets a popup window it will show also the “Shared Pst” option.
Also, all the files set as “Shared Pst” will be shown in the PST Flight Deck console as “Mark Shared” (2100).
By default, files won’t be upload to the server. This can be changed in: Settings -> Environment -> Advanced -> Migration Agent Behavior.
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