Setting up the Basepath in Archive Shuttle menu:
Configuration -> SourceOne/EMX Environment -> Add Environment -> SourceOne/EMX BasePaths


  1. If data resides on the Centera do not set up SourceOne/EMX BasePaths, leave the column empty. The IP addresses and PEA files are pulled directly from SourceOne DB.
  2. If data resides on other data storage solutions, run SQL query below against SourceOne database:
SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING(CurrentUNCPath, 1, PATINDEX('%______\______________.emx', CurrentUNCPath) - 2) FROM Volume WHERE CurrentUNCPath LIKE '\\%' AND CurrentUNCPath LIKE '%.emx'

You may get similar results from the query above, and those should represent the BasePaths in the SourceOne environment:

\\SourceOneDrive\MailArchiveX\Mail Archive X
\\SourceOneDrive\MailArchiveY\Mail Archive Y
\\SourceOneDrive\MailArchiveZ\Mail Archive Z

These are the share paths for each archive folder. Multiple paths should be semicolon separated.

If you have special configuration of the Source One Environment, do hot hesitate to contact us on field.enablement@quadrotech-it.com
You will find more how to setup SourceOne migration with using Archive Shuttle here.

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