Sometimes, particularly during testing, it might be necessary to delete a mapping which has already finished / completed. It might be that you need to remigrate the archive following configuration changes. Whatever the reason is, by default Archive Shuttle will prevent the deletion of mapping which has finished.  By default Archive Shuttle will prevent the deletion of a mapping if stage 2 has been enabled, even if no data has been imported and none of the commands have begun to process.
This article explains how to work around these restrictions.
A System Configuration option can be enabled which will allow the deletion of a mapping:

The mapping or mappings can then be deleted. After they’ve been deleted it is recommended to revert this option to the default setting of unselected to prevent accidental deletion in the future.
It should also be noted that if deletion fails, there is currently no visual feedback from Archive Shuttle. The WebUI.txt may contain the following type of entry:

[2014-01-20 17:28:12Z] [ 1232] [   68] [TRACE] [ASPxGridView2_CustomCallback]           Got command: deletemapping

[2014-01-20 17:28:12Z] [ 1232] [   68] [TRACE] [ASPxGridView2_CustomCallback]           Got 1 keys

[2014-01-20 17:28:12Z] [ 1232] [   68] [DEBUG] [SafeDelete] Cannot delete Mapping Id 8 because it has stage 2 triggers. Skipping.

Providing visual feedback is something that is planned for a future release of Archive Shuttle.

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