Mac users report to PST Flight Deck (FD) under specific accounts, which need to be mapped to AD accounts. This mapping should be done automatically by FD. However, there are some situations, when this automatic process fails and must be done manually.
There are few conditions, when automatic mapping of Mac user and AD account fails:

– Mac user is used on more than one Mac computer
– There are more than one mailbox in Mac Outlook profile


Manual mapping is done via the FlightDeckToolBox and MappingFile.csv
FlightDeckToolBox is command line tool which can be requested from Quadrotech.
MappingFile.csv is csv file where a Mac user identified in FD is mapped to an AD account.


1) If not in ‘Quadrotech\PST Flight Deck\Tools\Toolbox’ download and unpack the FlightDeckToolBox tool
2) Edit  <connectionStrings> in the file FlightDeckToolBox.exe.config (you can copy that string from c:\Program Files\QUADROtech\PST FlightDeck\Core Service\vcare.PstMigrator.Service.exe.config)
3) Prepare the MappingFile.csv
KB for MappingFile.csv preparation:

4) Start cmd from within FlightDeckToolBox with option and file you created in step 3 as parameter:
FlightDeckToolBox.exe /matchmacusers MappingFile.csv
Be aware that user type Mac OS user should not be enabled for migration. 
After mapping user type Mac OS user will be fused with AD account and only User Account will be left, which can be enabled afterwards.

Log in of FlightDeckToolBox.exe is stored with other FD logs in this file:
c:\Program Files (x86)\QUADROtech\Logs\FlightDeckToolBox.log
If not in ‘Quadrotech\PST Flight Deck\Tools\Toolbox’ then it can be downloaded from Quadrotech ftp: https://ftp.quadrotech-it.com/support/FlightDeckToolBox.zip.


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