This article explains how to configure Offline Media Export Path and Import Path correctly if you need to use the Offline Media feature in Archive Shuttle.
Steps to follow are:
1\ Create Mapping Set
Before adding Export and Import Locations\Paths you will need to create mapping set via the Archive Shuttle Offline Media page. A new source and target mapping set can be created by clicking on ‘Create’ in the Actions bar. This is the first step and in the mapping the source link is specified along with the target link, and a name can be given to the set.
2\ Add Export and Import Locations\Paths
With the Mapping Set selected multiple export and import paths can then be defined.
Both, Import and Export Locations\Paths should be UNC paths with correct share/NTFS permissions, as the folders/drives could be on other machine than the modules. See first good example, and a bad example in red frame on the screenshot below.

Export paths can be configured to be one of three states:

If an open export path becomes full, then the next ready container will be used.

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