If you need to configure the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) upload location, this can be achieved by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Setup the “local” BITS upload location in IIS on the server where the pst files will be uploaded to.
  2. Configure additional web service on the FlighDeck server with a different config file (with a different BITS target). All clients which should upload to this location need to have installed Migration Agent with a different config files -> which point to this “new” web service for local upload.
      1. Copy the content of the original web service (“Core WebService”) to a new web service and rename it to e.g. “Core WebService 2”

    1. In IIS – Add application which points to the new web service.Make sure new web service is running under the same application pool as the original web service.
      Also, don’t forget to use anonymous authentication that is used for new web service.
    2. Update the Migration Agent config file for the new web service (don’t forget you need to maintenance the config files for second web service)

All Migration Agents which have to upload to this local upload destination need to be deployed with separate config files which points to this new web service created for this purpose (at least connection in the migration agent config file, but we would recommend to keep it separated in both) – it has to be changed:

  1. Migration Agent config – filename: ConnectionConfig.xml tag <WebServiceUrl>
    1. From: http://CentralFlightDeckServer/PstFlightdeckWS/AdvancedClient.svc
    2. To: http://CentralFlightDeckServer/PstFlightdeckWS2/AdvancedClient.svc
  2. FileScanner config – filename: config.xml tag <WebServiceUrl>
    1. From: http://CentralFlightDeckServer/PSTFlightDeckWS/DiscoveryScanner.asmx
    2. To: http://CentralFlightDeckServer/PSTFlightDeckWS2/DiscoveryScanner.asmx
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