Sometimes there is need to change service account when Archive Shuttle or Archive Shuttles modules are already installed and avoid further re-installation.
Step 1 – Stop IIS services
Go to cmd (Run as Administrator) and write there “iisreset /stop”. This command will stop running IIS services (all)
Step 2 – Add SQL login for new account
Go to SQL Management Studio -> Database instance dedicated for Archive Shuttle -> Logins -> New login

Step 3 – Change service account for all services
Stop all Archive Shuttle services (core + all modules on all servers).
Go to Start -> Services -> Service properties -> Log On. Change “This account” to service account you’re going to use.
Note: If you´re going to change service account only for core or only for modules there is need to change service account only for affected services.

Step 4 – Change Office 365 credentials
Run Archive Shuttle Credential Editor on your server under new service account. Add the accounts which are to be used for Global Administrator and Application Impersonation.

Step 5 – Change Application pools account in IIS
Run IIS from server console or type “iis” in search field. Go to Application pools -> Right click on Archive Shuttle pool -> Advanced settings -> Identity

Step 6 – Start IIS service
Repeat Step 1 with command “iisreset /start”
Step 7 – Start services
Go to services and starts all services for Archive Shuttle Core and modules
Step 8 – Check modules are communicating with core
Go to Archive Shuttle -> Configuration -> AS Modules. Make sure you can not see any red row in grid. Red = communication error.

Step 9 – Add Read/Write permissions to new account on UNC staging area directory
Go to Staging area directory properties -> Sharing -> Advanced sharing -> Permissions -> Add new account with Full control permissions

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