How to change the user batch size sent to the FD server during a run of the Active Directory Synchronization task.
This feature is available from the PST Flight Deck version 5.3.29424
By default during AD synchronization, users are read from AD and send to FD server in the batches of 20. Sometimes it can be useful to decrease or increase this number.
Here are steps how to do it:
1.Go to “Active Directory Sync” installation folder (by default it’s located on this path: “C:\Program Files\QUADROtech\PST FlightDeck\Active Directory Sync”)
2. Open the “QUADROtech.FlightDeck.ActiveDirectrory.Service.exe.config” file
3. Add <add key=”UserBatchCount” value=”20″/> to the <appSettings> string.
4. So you get this:
<add key=”CheckingInterval” value=”300000″/>
<add key=”UserBatchCount” value=”20“/>
5. Now you can choose the sync batch size by changing the value number. (value=”20” mean 20 users in one batch)

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