Nova Delegation & Policy Control can be operated in two modes:

  • Full subscription – this gives the users and administrators all of the actions and activities. Changes actually take place on the associated Office 365 tenants.
  • Trial subscription – in some cases a trial subscription may be associated with an Office 365 tenant. In this mode full functionality is available, but changes do not take place on the tenant

What happens in ‘Trial Mode’

When a trial subscription is added to an Office 365 tenant in Nova, all of the policies, and all of the actions are still available, however the changes associated with performing an action do not take place on the tenant. For example, if you change a users password via Nova Delegation & Policy Control, it does not really reset the users password.
Using ‘Trial Mode’ can be very useful if you want to try the functionality, power, and features that Nova Delegation & Policy Control brings.

More information

When trial mode is enabled, via a Nova Delegation & Policy Control trial subscription and an action is performed in Nova, the following will be seen:

The message says: ‘Job scheduled successfully in trial mode’.
In addition, any jobs which complete, will be marked as follows:

The status will be shown as ‘Completed in trial’.

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