When processing PST files, it’s common to want to track the number of failed items (the items that couldn’t be ingested). Although failed items are a very small percentage of the total items for an organization, this can be important information to document for the project. This article covers how to best look at failed item counts during your PST project.


You want a report containing the total number of items in a PST, items migrated and items failed.


The Failed Items Count field is reported by the module itself once processing is complete.

During processing, the Failed field is empty (null).

Each module that processes the file next in the sequence “resets” the Failed Items Count. This is because the Failed Items Count might be different for extraction or ingestion. The examples below show Failed=1 for Ingest and Failed=0 for Extraction.

A better option is to look at Failed stats for all modules using the Reports > Module Stats screen.

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