Sometimes it may be necessary to check if a user has pressed the postpone button to postpone their PST migration.
There are several ways to determine this information, depending on the version you are running. To determine if a user has postponed their migration:
1) Since PST Flight Deck 5.2
“User Info” on Manage -> Users screen

This screenshot gives you an example when postponement is still active.
2) Since PST Flight Deck 5.1
“User Log” on Manage -> Users screen

You can see the date when the user postponed the migration.
3) All versions:
“Postpone Days” on Manage -> Users screen

The number of postpone days gives you the information whether postponement is still active. There are 3 options:

  1. Number of postpone days is higher than 1 – postponement is still active
  2. Number of postpone days equals to 0 – postponement has expired
  3. Number of postpone days is empty – user hasn’t postponed the migration or postponement has been cleared by a PST Flight Deck Operator.

If a user mistakenly postponed migration, a PST Flight Deck Operator could remove postponement in the console by going to Manage > Users screen and selecting the appropriate user. Once selected, expand the Actions menu and select the option to Clear Postponement.

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