From time to time it may be necessary to count the items per folder in a source archive. This can be achieved using the SQL given below.
In the Enterprise Vault Vault Store Database for the chosen archive issue the following SQL:

SELECT FolderName, COUNT(*) as ItemCount --, FolderPath
FROM [view_Saveset_Archive_Vault] a
INNER JOIN [EnterpriseVaultDirectory].dbo.ArchiveFolderView b ON a.VaultID = b.VaultEntryId
WHERE ArchivePointId = '14E72097B8240CB43A18DBB6AFCEE56D71110000rowi01-ev-01.rowiev.local'
GROUP BY FolderName


Example output:
FolderName                  ItemCount
Inbox                       1
Sent Items                  2
Top of Information Store    1

– The archive ID can be found from the Vault Admin Console, by looking at the properties of the archive.

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