The PST Flight Deck Helpdesk portal is a simple web interface for managing PST Flight Deck migrations. It has limited functionality compared to the PST Flight Deck console, which makes it useful for operators.


Follow the steps below to set up a helpdesk portal.

  1. Create a new secure group in Active Directory and add the member that needs access to the helpdesk portal.
  2. In the PST Flight Deck console, go to Settings > Environment > Groups.
  3. Add the new group. Note: It needs to start with the domain and needs to have the exact same name as shown in Active Directory.
  4. Assign the Role type and select the location. (Roles can be created from the Roles tab in the same section). Note: if you have multiple locations you can specify which location a user operator can see and manage.
  5. Confirm the changes and save.
  6. Update the Group Policy. To do this, open CMD (Command Prompt) as an administrator and execute the “gpupdate” command.
  7. Reset IIS.

Now every user in the group should have access to PST Flight Deck helpdesk portal. The URL to the portal is: http://PSTFlightDeckComputerName/PSTFlightDeckHelpdesk

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