Set up the different log level for the current modules in PST Flight Deck

– PST Flight Deck version 5.3 from which it is possible to set the log level on the active modules.
– Logging needs to be enabled. Here is the KB article for how to Enable logging:
1. Go to Admin Console -> Settings -> Module Settings
2. Double-click the module desired to be change or select the module and the “Log Level” button on the ribbon.
3. Once completed, the window will appear, select desired log level and press apply.
By default, all the modules are set as a “Debug” log level.
Every module can have a different log level set. Available log levels and their meanings are seen below
Trace Providing the most info about what the module is doing and details about items. Maximum entries in log
Debug  Default log level. Sufficient for basic troubleshooting
Info Just basic info of what happening
Warn Only warnings and errors
Error Only errors that happen during process of module
Fatal Only fatal errors are shown (module crash)
Off Logging is disable
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