It’s important to monitor Journal Commander during a migration. This article gives advice on the things to monitor.

Active Systems

Journal Commander works best at scale. Migrating a few hundred items is not what it is intended to do.  Fully utilised systems ensure that all aspects of the system, the workflow and processes are busy.

Progress & Performance

Take a look at the Progress & Performance screen in the user interface.

This dashboard is modular, meaning you can re-arrange widgets, remove ones which aren’t needed and store that layout to use later. The page can be configured to automatically refresh (for example every 60 seconds).

The dashboard gives a great overview of the overall health of your migration.

In the graphic above we ask the question whether there is any potential issue with the highlighted statistics.

Red box

Overall things look healthy, however export is slightly slower than import. This means that eventually the system will run out of work to do.

Green box

Collection of archived item metadata is currently not happening. That could be completely normal.

Blue box

This again is showing that import is currently faster than export, and that may mean that the system will run out of work todo.

Lower down on the Progress & Performance page are more indicators about the overall health of the migration.

Stage 1

Take a look at the Stage 1 screen in the user interface.

Stage 1 does all the heavy lifting in a migration, and if Stage 2 is not enabled, stage 1 will just continue topping up the migration (with any additional archived items from the source environment.

Conditional formatting is applied to results:

  • Containers with no items are shaded blue
  • Containers with rows in red are potential issues

More examples of the Stage 1 page showing a journal migration in progress:

Quota Status

The Mailbox Quota Status page is accessible from here:

The page can be sorted by the quota used, and it’s worth checking the recoverable items folder quota as well as the regular mailbox quota:

Leaver Status

From the User Management page you can access the remediation page.

Here you can see the status of any remediation activities which have taken place on user mappings.

Remediation Status

If you’re processing leavers, then reviewing the leaver provisioning status page is essential. You can access it from here:

Again this page can be sorted and filtered to try to pick out any problematic users.

Base System

Monitor the base or basic Journal Commander System will ensure fundamental operational activity. One of the ways to proactively monitor the system itself is to use the HealthCheck API.

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